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What Is Transaction Monitoring?

Transaction Monitoring, in essence, is the observation and analysis of user interactions within a web application. With our Acumen Logs User Journey Recorder, this process becomes an enlightening journey into the intricacies of user engagement.

How the Acumen Logs User Journey Recorder Works?

Acumen Logs User Journey Recorder is a Chrome extension designed to effortlessly capture and analyze synthetic user journeys. Seamlessly integrated with your browser, it records every click, scroll, and interaction on your web application with ease

Intuitive Recording: Activate the extension with a single click, and Acumen Logs User Journey Recorder starts capturing user journeys in real-time.

Precision Replication: Accurately replicate user interactions, from navigation the website to interacting with elements

Collaborative Analytics: Share recorded journeys with your team for collaborative analysis. Leverage customizable annotations for in-depth discussions and data-driven decision-making.

Why Should You Monitor a User Journey?

Monitoring user journeys allows you to pinpoint issues that may hinder user satisfaction due to broken elements and features. This is paramount to making sure users have the best web experience. Acumen Logs empowers you to:

Monitor Conversion Paths: Evaluate conversion paths effortlessly and stay informed about any detected errors in the user journey.

Identify Pain Points: Pinpoint areas of friction within user journeys to enhance overall user satisfaction.

Example of a User Journey

Explore a sample user journey recorded with Acumen Logs User Journey Recorder. Witness how the extension captures every user interaction from navigating, scrolling, clicking, typing and more!

View Synthetic test

Download the Acumen Chrome extension now, gain valuable insights, test user experiences, and stay ahead of any major error if you're most important journeys. Acumen Logs is your key to unlocking the full potential of synthetic user journey monitoring.


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